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    Precision Machining of Components.
  • Repair of Hydraulic Units & Plant Equipments.
  • Straighten ing of Shafts and Hydraulic Pipes.
  • Machining of Irregular Shapes, Spherical Shapes Etc.
  • Repair and Refurbishment of Single and Multistage Pumps.
  • Tool Room Machining Jobs for Jigs & Fixtures.
  • SS Filters/ Pipe screens for downstream works
  • Orifice Plates and Thermowells, Seals Etc.
  • Gears, Sprockets and Worm Wheels Etc.
  • Pump Impellers, Shafts, Filters Etc.
  • Calibration Blocks & Velocity Blocks.
  • Injection Moulds and Dies.
  • Air and Oil Filters
  • Work Platforms
  • Overhead Cranes , Mobile Platforms, Skids, Trolleys, Work Tables ETC
  • Modification of Containers & Workstations
    Marine Works
  • Manufacture, Repair, Refurbishment & Balancing of Propellers.
  • Machining of Dredge Pump covers
  • Manufacturing of Propeller Shafts, Rudder Shafts, Bearings, Protection covers etc.

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We specialize in Precision Machining, Mechanical Maintenance,Fabrication & Marine Works.